My Average Day Of Eating

I live a busy lifestyle and I have no choice but to be productive with my time and energy. This means I have to be organized and diligent with the way I eat. Take an inside look at how I eat throughout the day.

My routine is simple; I start my morning with 20 ounces of warm water and the juice of an entire lemon along with some fresh shaved ginger I average about one lemon and a half teaspoon of shaved ginger but cater to your personal taste. After drinking my warm lemon ginger water, I typically make an almond milk half-calf cappuccino. This is my jolt of energy as I’m taking my daughter to the bus stop every morning.

The next thing I have in the morning is my smoothie. If I’m going to the gym really early, I might skip my smoothie because I’ll burn fat better if I don’t eat before the gym (I understand that’s not everyone’s goal.) The number one reason I love smoothies is because they’re fast. I actually prepare everything in advance for the week. I get all my dry and wet ingredients ready and stock them up in my cabinet or freezer. Occasionally, I’ll have an alternate breakfast, such as some scrambled eggs with steamed spinach or a veggie scramble.

For a snack, I’ll often have nuts or chopped veggies with guacamole or hummus. When you eat protein and healthy fat – things like avocado, raw nuts, and seeds (in small amounts) you reset your metabolism and balance your blood sugar and that tells your brain that you are full. Stay away from snacks that contain sugar or simple carbohydrates or foods that quickly turn to sugar.

Try to always make enough dinner to have leftovers! I always have hard-boiled eggs in my refrigerator as a fast snack. Once a week, I take a night to prepare food that I can grab and go. Typically, this means I grill or bake about six chicken breasts, boil a dozen eggs, chop a whole bunch of veggies and make guacamole and hummus for dipping. My mid-day snack also known as the 2 o’clock crash is when I’ll have a coconut wrap with some almond butter and a few apple or banana slices. Don’t forget to drink water throughout the day or have a little green tea because the theanine found in green tea increases focus without making you feel jittery.

Dinner is my favorite time of the day because we sit down together at the table and share a meal as a family. Typically, dinner consists of a healthy protein such as fish or poultry with vegetables and a big salad. You can do this, it’s not hard but you do have to start thinking differently; start thinking like a brain warrior.

Lastly, I admit I have a sweet tooth. So, dessert is almost always on my radar. It’s just a matter of making a healthy dessert and eating enough to satisfy your sweet tooth but not over doing it.

I have a ton of healthy versions of well-loved desserts like lemon bars and brownies that we eat at my house when we need a sweet treat. Some are available in the dessert recipe section of this site, but my absolute favorites are in the Brain Warrior’s Way Cookbook.

These 9 Tips Equal My Average Day:

  1. Start every morning with hydration. Begin the day by drinking 20 ounces of warm water with lemon and shaved ginger.
  2. Trying using low acid half-calf coffee in the morning and be sure to swap dairy creamer for almond milk or coconut creamer.
  3. My go to fast food is typically a breakfast smoothie before my workout. I have a ton of smoothie recipes in my cook books and on my website.
  4. Raw nuts or chopped veggies with guacamole or hummus are healthy mid-morning snack options.
  5. Lunch almost always is leftovers from the night before. Always cook enough dinner to have leftovers for the next day.
  6. For my mid-day 2 o’clock snack, I like having a coconut wrap with almond butter and a few slices of apple or banana.
  7. Typically dinner is a healthy protein such as fish or poultry with vegetables and a big salad.
  8. If you find yourself stuck somewhere and a hunger attack happens, find a grocery store and make that your fast food stop. Grab an avocado, egg, raw nuts etc.
  9. I’ve taken many recipes and made healthy versions of them. My favorites are my lemon bars, brownies and nutty butter cups. All three are going to be in my new cookbook coming out in November!

I hope these nine tips have been helpful. My team and I are constantly posting recipes on my website. If you’re not already a member of my community, please join us today. You can sign up for my newsletter and find me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I love following your progress, answering your questions, helping you work through your challenges and supporting you on this journey. Start today and be a warrior for your brain and body.


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