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Eating Disorders: What Can Be Done?

Eating Disorders - Are There Multiple Types With Dr Jennifer Farrell and Tana Amen BSN RN

“I’m sensitive to SO many foods? What can I eat?” This is a refrain I commonly hear. As always, I want to answer this thoughtfully, so I have consulted with two of my favorite doctors: Dr. Mark Houston from the Hypertension Institute and a Professor at Vanderbilt University, and Dr. Mark Filidei, a functional medicine physician at Amen Clinics. First I want to differentiate between allergies and food sensitivities, and … Continue reading “How to Make Sense of Your Food Sensitivities”

Poisoned By Mold?

Poisoned By Mold - with Dr Mark Filidei and Tana Amen BSN RN

Warriors always have a strategy. If you leave your health up to chance, especially during the holidays, you’re setting yourself up to fail. Here are six simple tips we use to keep our Brain Warriors on track during the holiday, which happens to be when people get the sickest and have the most reported number of heart attacks (yep Christmas Day). If you’re one of the people complaining that eating … Continue reading “Healthy Holidays: Brain Warrior Style”

5 Tips For Healthy Holiday Success


GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), heartburn, IBS, leaky gut or other stomach issues affect your health, immunity and ultimately your brain. Learn the best way to cure GERD, directly from our functional medicine doctor, Dr. Mark Filidei, Costa Mesa, California 1-888-288-9834.

The Brain Warrior Holiday Meal Plan

Christmas holiday background with blank chalkboard

Staying healthy through the holidays doesn’t have to be hard. Change your mindset. Tana Amen explains health tips so you can stay healthy and be a role model for your family over the holidays.