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6 Yummy Foods that Calm Stress and Anxiety


As much as I wish anxiety and stress weren’t such ongoing problems, the reality is that many people are affected by them. There’s no doubt that most of us are “over” the challenging year we’ve been through, but even as things in our communities are finally starting to open up again, life can still feel…

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The Foods You’re Eating That are Making You Feel Worse!

About 8 months into the pandemic, I was invited for an interview with Mareya Ibrahim (a.k.a. The Fit Foodie) as part of TheFitExpo Live Experience. The focus of our conversation was about the role the food-mood connection plays into the struggles a lot of people are having right now.  She and I really understand how food choices…

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The 3 Things Having Cancer Taught Me About Food

I got some bad news: my thyroid cancer had returned. Initially the plan was to do a third surgery. But I was informed that I wasn’t a good surgical candidate due to the scar tissue that had accumulated in my neck from the first two surgeries. So my thyroid medication was increased to induce hyperthyroidism…

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5 Harmful Myths About Eating Disorders

With all the stress, anxiety, and loneliness that’s piling on due to COVID-19, it’s no wonder so many people are turning to food and other substances to fight through the pain. “We’re seeing a lot more challenges with compulsive or addictive habits, such as drugs and alcohol or disordered eating,” says Dr. Julie Brush, a…

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Diabetes And The Brain Warrior Diet

Do you have diabetes or prediabetes? You’re not alone. It is estimated that in the U.S., half the population is affected by prediabetes (36%) or diabetes (14%). This is bad news for your physical and mental health, as high blood sugar and diabetes are associated with increased risk of: Inflammation Alzheimer’s disease Strokes Heart disease…

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Brain Food Made Insanely Simple For Crazy Times

When everything around you is falling apart and you’re suddenly thrown into new situations that are making your head spin—like supervising your child’s distance learning while working from home while trying to protect your family from the pandemic—it’s a good idea to simplify other parts of your life. What you eat is one area that…

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7 Ways To Eat To Fight Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

These days, so many people are feeling stressed, depressed, and anxious. If you’re one of them and you’re looking for natural ways to feel better, look no further than your fridge. The foods you put in your body can have a powerful impact on your moods and mental well-being. I recently interviewed Dr. Uma Naidoo,…

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Old-Fashioned Summer Foods To Soothe Your Nerves

Everybody’s on edge these days, but the weather is hot and we all need easy-breezy brain healthy recipes your family will devour. What’s even better is these foods also have some serious soothing properties that can help take that edge off, so you feel cool and calm. And some of them are also immune boosters…

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Is It OK To Have Diet Cheat Days?

When you’re trying to follow a brain-healthy eating plan, you may wonder if you can get away with a weekly cheat day (or more cheat days during the pandemic). The notion of cheat days as an acceptable part of a healthy diet is so common there are nearly 4 million posts on Instagram using the…

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The ABCs Of Oxalates: Bad For Your Health Or No Biggie?

Oxalates seem to be the latest buzzword in the nutrition arena. People are curious about this common compound because although it is found in many plant-based foods we consider to be healthy, it may cause trouble for some people. Why? Let’s take a deep dive into oxalates to know if you should avoid them or…

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