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5 Ways to Get Back to Who You Were Pre-Pandemic


I have been feeling so great lately! I really enjoy the summertime and this year it seems to be even more special now that everyday life is becoming much more like we know it should be. Having some of the simple pleasures that we missed last year be within reach again feels liberating and exciting—almost…

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Easy Tips to Get Your Stress in Check

relax calm peace desk

As I look around, it feels like stressors are everywhere these days. During the past 12-months (and counting) we’ve had to make major changes to the way we live our lives. In turn, this has led to increased anxiety and uncertainty about what the future holds for us. Thinking back to March 2020, I can…

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Rewiring the Effects of Emotional Trauma on the Brain

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I was so thrilled when Dr. David Perlmutter, the notable neurologist and bestselling author (and one of my mentors!), joined me for a Relentless Courage interview. Even before we had gotten to know one another, I had been following his impressive work because I was eager to learn as much as possible about how different things,…

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3 Simple Strategies to Stay Focused on Your 2021 Goals


We’re almost a quarter of the way into 2021, and despite the challenges that are both behind and still ahead of us, I know many people made new resolutions or goals for the year. This tradition can be a way to identify and change what may have lapsed in the past year, or it can…

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Be Empowered by Vulnerability in 5 Steps

Seeing his success, you wouldn’t think that Nathan Mansfield, Air Force veteran, Founder and CEO of Strong Physiquez, and creative entrepreneur didn’t love himself for most of his life, but he didn’t—until he discovered the power of vulnerability. I was so impressed by his transformational story, that I invited Nathan to join me for a Relentless…

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Let 2021 be a Year for Your Own Healing

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“When I first started therapy, I hated myself. My body and my relationships paid the price. My weight dropped to an alarming level as, for the first time, I tackled my eating disorder.              Once I started it was clear to me that I needed more than 10 sessions. So I continued. For the next 6…

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If I Were Going to Survive, I’d Have to Rely on Myself

tea bed dress

…And then, as if my extreme fears of losing Mom had manifested, I learned that Mom had nearly died…. For the first time ever my mother looked fragile, a word I never would have used to describe her prior to that time.  I’d always thought Mom was superhuman. Larger than life. My days and nights…

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Why You Need to Find Your Voice

desk book signing

In those weeks before Mom and Dale were married, he’d come home from work, barely acknowledge me, pour himself a drink or three, and watch TV before falling asleep. After they got back from their honeymoon, however, he changed in a hair-raising sort of way… … The first time it happened, Dale grabbed my wrist…

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The One Word That Changed My Life

I was at a self-help seminar my Uncle Bob was teaching, and I shared how down I’d been after going through a battle with cancer and that the Prozac I was taking for depression just made things worse. I still had no drive. No vision. No real excitement about life. Uncle Bob didn’t coddle me.…

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10 Ways To Recover From Grief And Loss

In 2003, Sandra Maddox got the knock at the door that no parent wants. A police officer informed her that her only child Tiffany—a vibrant 24-year-old who loved to dance and write—had been killed in a car accident. In an instant, Sandra’s life was turned upside down and forever changed. You may wonder how you…

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