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Are Bad Habits in Charge of Your Life?

bad habits

When I think about it, I find it pretty amazing that a virus has had the power to shift the world we live in. It seems that at times, the adjustments and changes we’ve had to make have brought out the best in us—as well as the worst. None of us were prepared for a…

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Are you struggling these days? Feeling anxious, stressed, or depressed? You’re not alone. Anxiety and depression are at an all-time high, and the pandemic has left so many of us feeling isolated and lonely. When you also carry the heavy load of mental and emotional trauma from the past, it’s even harder to cope. The…

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5 Secret Truths About Perfectly Hidden Depression

Everyone’s heard about depression but what about hidden depression? That’s when you smile your way through the loneliness and despair and pretend those painful feelings aren’t there. You try to make your life look perfect even though beneath the surface you’re suffering. As someone who went through depression myself and tried to hide my pain…

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5 Ways To Celebrate Memorial Day In A Pandemic

Memorial Day—a holiday that honors those who died in military service—is typically filled with backyard barbecues, parades, and picnics, but this year will be different for many of us. Although some beaches and parks are re-opening, physical distancing is still being recommended and large gatherings are discouraged. On this day when we’re honoring those who…

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The One Pandemic Question You Need To Ask

Over 1 million Americans infected with COVID-19. Over 60,000 people dead. Over 30 million unemployed. This is a really hard time for a lot of people. In fact, calls to suicide hotlines have gone up over 1,000% since the pandemic hit. It’s tragic. This is a historic time. I’ve never experienced anything like this in…

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The Best Mother’s Day Gift—It’s Not Flowers!

With the pandemic, Mother’s Day definitely won’t be the same this year, and most of us won’t be celebrating with flowers, brunches, or family gatherings. But to be honest, taking one single day a year to focus on yourself isn’t enough. You need to honor and care for yourself every day. Make this Mother’s Day…

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How To Fight Back Against Fearful Thoughts

As the coronavirus makes its way around the globe, it has prompted a spike in negative thinking. We’re all so concerned about sanitizing our hands, but many of us are forgetting that we need to be just as vigilant about disinfecting our thoughts. If ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) are infesting your mind and making you…

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The Number 1 Lesson Of Caregiving

Recently, I ran into a friend of a friend I met once a few years ago and could barely recognize her. I was shocked that she looked like she’d aged beyond her years since the time I last saw her. This woman (I’ll call her Julianne) told me her mother who has Alzheimer’s disease had…

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When Arguing Hurts More Than Your Feelings

Nobody likes to argue with their spouse. It can hurt your feelings and put you in a bad mood. But did you know that those verbal spats can also cause physical pain? And I’m not talking about violent confrontations here, just regular day-to-day bickering. Researchers at Penn State have found that people with chronic conditions,…

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This One Habit May Ward Off Dementia In Women

Everybody dreads the possibility of developing dementia and memory loss. I’m not talking about forgetting where you placed your keys, blanking on the name of some actor in a movie you saw three years ago, or the occasional brain fart when you can’t remember what was on your grocery shopping list. I’m talking about forgetting…

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