Teen Bullying – Tips To Stay Strong; with Chloe Amen

Tips For Teens - Stay Grounded In This Crazy World with Chloe Amen and Tana Amen BSN RN

Teens in this crazy world have a difficult road to navigate. Bullying is everywhere and our teens need to be savvy in order to survive. Learn what your teen can do to stay focused and grounded. Try my free One Page Miracle to help with direction and focus. Train your brain with a personalized plan to boost memory, mood, focus and energy: http://www.mybrainfitlife.com/ For natural ways to beat anxiety, panic … Continue reading “Teen Bullying – Tips To Stay Strong; with Chloe Amen”

Ease Your Pain With My Loving Kindness Meditation

Meditation with Tana Amen BSN RN

Let me help you meditate. Focus on feelings of goodwill and positive emotions, while reducing negative ones. Decrease symptoms of pain, social prejudice, anger, anxiety and PTSD. Mindfulness and meditation are both great ways to relax and calm your mind. We are able to be in tune with our environment and become more connected to those we love and our surroundings when we meditate and are mindful. Life however, can … Continue reading “Ease Your Pain With My Loving Kindness Meditation”

Tana’s Sleep Hacks To Overcome Her Insomnia

Tanas Sleep Routine

After recovering from thyroid cancer and the treatment that involved, Tana had immense difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep. Over time Tana has established a sleep routine that works for her. Learn what herbs, spices and other products Tana uses to overcome her insomnia. For 20% off your bottle of Restful Sleep visit my store page. Use coupon code SLEEP20 at checkout. Starts Tuesday March 6th – 12th 2018.

Bright Minds Music – For A Better Brain

Bright Minds Memory Rescue CD by Barry Goldstein And Dr Daniel Amen

Anyone who’s watched a loved one start to lose their memory, knows how precious the mind actually is. In order to help you and your loved ones, I would like to introduce you to another tool in the fight for your memory and brain health – Music! Dr Daniel Amen has joined with Grammy award winning producer and composer, Barry Goldstein, to create music that uses scientific research and sound … Continue reading “Bright Minds Music – For A Better Brain”

Eating Disorders: What Can Be Done?

Eating Disorders - Are There Multiple Types With Dr Jennifer Farrell and Tana Amen BSN RN

Eating disorders can be devastating for both the patient and their family. Learn from Dr Farrell, Addiction & Eating Disorder Therapist at Amen Clinics. What should you look for if you suspect someone has an eating disorder, and what can be done to help the healing process? For more information about adult eating disorder treatment, call Amen Clinics on 888-288-9834 or +1-949-236-3700.

Are You Suffering From The Winter Blues?

Promote a positive mood and emotional balance with Vitamin D - Tana Amen BSN RN

Could vitamin D help you through your winter blues? Who should take vitamin D and how much should you take? Optimize your vitamin D levels to promote a positive mood and emotional balance. Visit my store page for 20% off Vitamin D – this week only. Starts Tuesday 2/20/2018. Use promo code: HELLOSUN at checkout.

Feel The Healing Power Of A Heartbeet Smoothie

Heartbeet Smoothie by Chef Honor Harvey for Tana Amen BSN RN

I asked Chef Honor to create a brand new recipe for my Brain Warrior Tribe as a Valentine’s Day gift. Chef Honor Harvey specializes in creating medicinal quality food that tastes delicious but also helps to heal and nurture those suffering brain health issues. You’re going to love this smoothie! HEALTH BENEFITS: Beets: Increase blood flow! Excellent for brain health! Hemp Seeds: Healthy fats, excellent for heart and joint health, … Continue reading “Feel The Healing Power Of A Heartbeet Smoothie”

Neurofeedback Treatment: Stop Suffering

Neurofeedback Treatment with Dr Jay Gattis by Tana Amen BSN RN

Neurofeedback treatment can be used to improve the symptoms of ADHD/ADD, Anxiety, Autism, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Concussion, Depression, Epilepsy, Headaches, Memory Loss, PTSD, Sleep Problems, and TBI. Neurofeedback treatment doesn’t involve surgery or medication and isn’t painful or embarrassing. Dr Jay Gattis explains how neurofeedback is a fun, engaging and interactive treatment that helps you retrain and strengthen your brain. For more information about neurofeedback treatment, call Amen Clinics … Continue reading “Neurofeedback Treatment: Stop Suffering”