The Secret to a Longer Life

The Secret To A Longer Life By Tana Amen BSN RN

We all want to live longer, and new research has identified one common denominator associated with a longer life—religious affiliation. A new study in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science reviewed the obituaries of more than 1,000 people and found that people with some religious affiliation lived an average of four years longer than those without religious involvement. Researchers found two reasons that might explain the increase in longevity. … Continue reading “The Secret to a Longer Life”

Kids & Supplements: Scientist Answers Your Questions Pt.3

Kids And Supplements - Scientist Answers Your Questions Pt3 - With Dr Parris Kidd - Dr Daniel Amen And Tana Amen BSN RN

Dr. Parris Kidd PhD and child psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen answer your questions on supplements for children. What supplements should I give my child? What if my child is too young to swallow pills or refuses to take supplements? To learn more about BrainMD Health supplements visit my store page here, then click the BUY NOW option for further information.

4 Reasons to Love Summer

4 Reasons To Love Summer by Tana Amen BSN RN

Summertime is here! It’s time for Brain Warriors to dip your toes in the pool, grab a good book, and get outside. Here are four health benefits of summer: 1. Vacations help you de-stress and re-energize. Everybody loves a summer vacay. And more and more research is showing that taking a break is good for you. It’s no surprise that taking time to unwind and get away from daily stressors … Continue reading “4 Reasons to Love Summer”

Can Supplements Improve Your Mental Health? Pt.2

Dr Parris Kidd - BrainMDHealth Scientist and Dr Daniel Amen with Tana Amen BSN RN

Is it safe to take supplements with anti-depressants, SSRI’s or anti-psychotic medicine? Learn what supplements can help your mood, memory, mental sharpness, sexual function, anxiety and stress. Would taking 5-HTP or GABA or saffron help? BrainMD Scientist, Dr Parris Kidd, and child psychiatrist Dr Daniel Amen, together with Tana, answer your questions regarding nutritional supplements. Click here for your FREE brain health assessment. Learn which of the 16 brain types … Continue reading “Can Supplements Improve Your Mental Health? Pt.2”

Can Vegetarians Get Enough B12?

Can Vegetarians Get Enough B12 - by Tana Amen BSN RN

Attention vegan and vegetarian Warriors! I know many of you choose to eat a plant-based diet for better health. Filled with antioxidants, these nutrient-dense foods help you ward off disease, calm inflammation, and maintain a healthy weight. However, without careful attention and supplementation there are a few things missing. One of these nutrients is vitamin B12. So what’s the big deal with one or two little nutrients if you’re doing … Continue reading “Can Vegetarians Get Enough B12?”

Scientist Answers Your Supplement Questions Pt.1

Supplement Scientist Dr Parris Kidd PhD with Dr Daniel Amen and Tana Amen BSN RN

Studies show that the quality of food these days is substantially lower than it used to be. The diet of people all over the world lacks sufficient vitamins and minerals because of this. So what should we look for when purchasing supplements? Tana chats with Dr Parris Kidd, Chief Science Officer for supplement developer and distributor BrainMD Health, along with child psychiatrist Dr Daniel Amen. To learn more about BrainMD … Continue reading “Scientist Answers Your Supplement Questions Pt.1”

Quiz: Can You Guess These 3 Foods by Their Nutrition Labels?

Brain Warriors Read Nutrition labels - Tana Amen BSN RN

As Brain Warriors, we pride ourselves on reading nutrition labels and making smart choices when it comes to food shopping. But just how good are you at reading those labels? I hit the grocery store the other day and looked at the ingredients on some very popular food items—actually, more like anti-nutrition items! If you’re committed to living a brain healthy life, you’ve given up eating most packaged and processed … Continue reading “Quiz: Can You Guess These 3 Foods by Their Nutrition Labels?”

Teen Issues – What’s Trending? with Dr Karimpour

Teen Issues - Whats Trending with Dr Karimpour and Tana Amen BSN RN

Dr Mona Karimpour provides young adults, teens, and children, with the tools they need when faced with a crisis or a brain disorder like depression, anxiety, ADD etc. She notices the changing trends in issues our young people are despairing over each year, and offers anxious parents solutions that work. If you need to reach out to our clinic and Dr Karimpour, please call: 855-208-9525 or +1-949-236-3700.