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Easy Tips to Get Your Stress in Check

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As I look around, it feels like stressors are everywhere these days. During the past 12-months (and counting) we’ve had to make major changes to the way we live our lives. In turn, this has led to increased anxiety and uncertainty about what the future holds for us. Thinking back to March 2020, I can…

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Forgiveness Meditation

What has your anger been costing you? Learn the health impacts of holding onto feelings of hatred towards another person. Try my forgiveness meditation to help you heal from past hurts. Remember, holding onto hatred and anger is like drinking poison yourself, but expecting the other person to suffer. Learn more about Barry Goldstein’s Bright…

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The Performance Meditation – Your Unfair Advantage

Professional athletes train physically for hours, but they spend almost as much time training mentally. If you’re an athlete, a speaker, or just looking to perform at your highest level possible, in whatever you’re trying to accomplish, then this meditation is for you. Click here for my One Page Miracle. Learn more about Barry Goldstein’s…

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Reduce Your Anxiety With A Grounding Meditation

We live in a super busy and fast paced world which can leave us feeling ungrounded, especially at times when things get really hectic. Don’t let your anxiety get the better of you. Try this short and powerful grounding meditation – reduce anxiety and pain, increase focus, and feel better. Learn more about Barry Goldstein’s…

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Ease Your Pain With My Loving Kindness Meditation

Let me help you meditate. Focus on feelings of goodwill and positive emotions, while reducing negative ones. Decrease symptoms of pain, social prejudice, anger, anxiety and PTSD. Mindfulness and meditation are both great ways to relax and calm your mind. We are able to be in tune with our environment and become more connected to…

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Meditation Improves Brain Function

We’ve all heard that meditation is great to help you relax and calm your mind – but did you know meditation can also help you sleep better, lessen anxiety and depression, help you focus, and increase your energy? Learn meditation basics and how to calm your mind so you CAN meditate … then take some…

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Meditate With Me – Improve Your Day!

Sit somewhere comfortable and join me in this simple meditation to reduce your anxiety and depression, increase your energy, and help you focus. For advice on how to meditate watch my video entitled “Meditation Improves Brain Function”. Learn more about Barry Goldstein’s Bright Minds music here.        

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How To Apply Mindfulness To Your Life

Your brain controls everything you do and everything you are. It produces your every thought, action, memory, feeling and experience of the world. You need your brain for everything from deciding which article to read, to keeping your heart beating in the proper rhythm. Even though most of us know this, we are more concerned…

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My Relationship With Joy

As a kid who grew up in a chaotic environment, joy wasn’t a word I was familiar with. In fact, things got worse as I got older, and in my early 20’s, when I encountered significant health issues, I could tell you A LOT about depression, but nothing about joy. I don’t know what’s happening…

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Are You Getting What You DON’T Want?

    How often have you said any of the statements below? “I CAN’T get sick before my trip!” “I CAN’T oversleep” “I’m NOT going to eat donuts tomorrow” “I’m NOT going to lose my temper with my kids” And how often have you done exactly what you said you weren’t going to do? You’re…

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