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3 Steps To Get The “Monkey” Off Your Brain

Mindfulness and meditation are both great ways to relax and calm your mind. We are able to be in tune with our environment and become more connected to those we love and our surroundings when we meditate and are mindful. Life however, can be chaotic and in the midst of the crazy, some of us,…

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Think Your Way To Better Health

Believe it or not, positive thinking — and its rewards — can be learned. You can change from being a “glass is half empty” person to one who sees that glass as half full. In order to do this, one of your first tasks is to identify any ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) — the tendency…

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What A Zebra Taught Me About Stress & Mindfulness

What I Learned From A Zebra - Tana Amen BSN RN

I recently came across a book on stress by Stanford University neuroendocrinologist Robert Sapolsky. The book is titled “Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers”. As a kid who had upper and lower gastrointestinal disorders by the time I was four years old (due to growing up in a stressful environment), I found this of particular interest.…

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