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Posts Tagged ‘holiday’

Halloween Doesn’t Have To Be Scary For Your Health

Halloween is here. Of course, we always want to ensure the safety of our children in every way possible, and decreasing sugar intake is no exception. While we don’t want to encourage children to accept more wholesome unwrapped treats from strangers (like apples), with a little creativity, we can turn Halloween into a holiday of…

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Give Thanks! And Become Healthier

Thanksgiving is not far away. We’ve come a long way from the famed feast of 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts when the Pilgrims gathered to celebrate their good harvest. Today, we’re faced by an endless bounty of available food, something that should prompt thanks, if so much of it didn’t also threaten health. The approach of…

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Holiday Challenge: Can You Have A Brain Healthy Holiday?

With Thanksgiving coming up, we’re heading fast into the holiday season with all its temptations – cookies, cakes, sweets of every description, office holiday parties and big family meals that may not be Brain Warrior friendly. I call it the season of the food pushers, those well intentioned friends and family members who urge us…

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