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Dear Mom, I Love You


If you are just joining us for the Sleep Hygiene Challenge, I’d like to strongly encourage you to go back and print last week’s blog and answer the sleep assessment questions to help determine what might be keeping you awake. You can find it at Now that you’ve done the sleep assessment, you’re ready to start making corrections and begin enjoying restful sleep this holiday season. 12 Tips to … Continue reading “Don’t Let Sleep Deprivation Make You the Family Scrooge!”

Take the 2 Week Sleep Hygiene Challenge. (Pt. 1 of 2)

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Rolling her eyes when she saw the dozens of cuts and bruises on my body, my daughter said, “Why can’t you be a normal mom and hang out at the mall with your friends and collect purses instead of bruises?” Laughing I said, “How you train is how you fight, literally and metaphorically. Even with your health, you can’t start training on fight day thinking you’ll win. It’s a lifestyle. … Continue reading “Why Can’t You Collect Purses Instead of Bruises – Like a Normal Mom?”

Summertime Snacks: Fun, Healthy and Great For Kids


Love, marriage, and a baby carriage. Ahhh, there’s nothing like it. For the baby’s brain development during pregnancy, some mothers will talk to their baby in a gentle and loving manner. Some mothers will place headphones on their belly while classical music is playing. Some mothers will practice Yoga to reduce stress and keep the baby calm, which affects brain development and nervous system development. But the big momma of … Continue reading “Eating for 2: What Expecting Mothers Need to Know”

Give Mom a Priceless Gift!


Dads have a lot to celebrate on Father’s Day. And as they open their presents this year, they may also want to thank their kids for some marvelous health benefits. According to the latest research, fatherhood helps men lead longer and healthier lives. Here are four wonderful ways that being a dad can boost physical and emotional well-being. Fatherhood literally does a man’s heart good. Dads are 17 percent likely … Continue reading “Four Fabulous Health Perks of Fatherhood”