Summertime Snacks: Fun, Healthy & Great For Kids

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Summertime Snacks: Fun, Healthy & Great For Kids

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A lot of parents ask me for help on how to get their kids to eat healthy. My answer? Get your kids involved in the meal preparation process. Have them help you create their healthy snacks and before you know it, they’ll be doing it on their own.

The easiest place to start is with a favorite snack. In my case, and probably most parents’ cases, chocolate is always a good snack to start with. While chocolate actually has antioxidant benefits, the problem is usually with sugar and dairy. The good news though, is that you can now buy chocolate that has no sugar and no dairy, so your kids can actually enjoy the benefits of great taste without feeling the negative effects of sugar. Lily’s brand is one that comes to mind.

I can also show you how you can get your kids to really increase their antioxidant level and fiber—and have fun at the same time. Let’s get started!

One of my daughter’s favorite summer snacks is the frozen banana. Remember those? This classic is a favorite in our house. Click here for more great snack recipes, and in The Brain Warrior’s Way Cookbook you’ll find even more recipes to help set you up for healthy summer snacking success. Remember to use coupon code TANA21 for 21% off!

With these nutritious and delicious snacks, your kids will be more focused and have more energy. Give it a shot and try these recipes with your kids; then post your comments or a video with your family creating one of these fun, healthy snacks on my Facebook page.

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