Easter Brunch: The Brain Healthy Way

Easter is a time of light and love, when Spring is in the air, symbolizing growth and renewal. And for many of us, this day has deep religious and spiritual meaning that symbolizes rebirth and eternal life. Even if it doesn’t have a religious meaning for you, it is likely that Easter is a holiday you spend celebrating with family. Either way, I’d like you to think about whether Easter makes you think of focusing on gratitude or consuming voracious amounts of unhealthy food.

Easter Foods that Drain Your Brain

Unfortunately, corporate America has twisted the true meaning of Easter into a gluttonous food-fest. Grocery stores are stocked with eye-catching candies, chocolates and processed cookies and cakes targeted at your kids (and you!). And restaurants advertise decadent Easter brunch menus, complete with foods that lead to brain drain (high in sugar, fried fat, processed meat and simple carbs) and put you on a blood sugar rollercoaster, and set you up for serious mood swings. This is not the Brain Warrior’s way!

Lighten Up Your Easter

Remember, Brain Warriors don’t take holidays off! There’s no reason you have to give in to societal pressure to indulge in low-quality, processed chocolate Easter eggs or to stuff yourself at a brunch buffet. A little pre-planning is all it takes to stick with your program while filling the day with foods you love that love you back. Here’s a brunch menu the whole family will love.

Brain Warrior’s Healthy Easter Brunch Menu

The following menu is light and refreshing and will fill you with energy, help keep your blood sugar from spiking and crashing, and give you a mood boost. If you feel good, you will be more able to focus on family relationships and giving back. Isn’t that the way you’d rather celebrate this special day? If so, ask yourself why the world is a better place this year because you are here. What are you doing to contribute? Enjoy preparing these simple and delicious recipes for someone you love and be sure to share your holiday stories with me on my Facebook page.


Super Simple Tanana Pancakes
Made with smart carbs that enhance your mood but don’t weigh you down.


Muffin Tin Egg Frittatas
High-quality protein and colorful veggies that sharpen your mind.


Fresh Berries with Macadamia-Nut Sauce
Filled with brain-boosting antioxidants.


Crunchy Chocolate Mint Thins by Tana Amen BSN RN
Crunchy Chocolate Mint Thins
A delicious treat that treats your brain and body well.


For more brain healthy recipes, check my website or get a copy of The Brain Warrior’s Way Cookbook. Want to get 21% off? Use the promo code TANA21.


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