Buffalo (Bison): The Healthy Red Meat

Don’t be buffaloed into thinking all red meat is packed with artery-clogging bad fat. Here’s the truth: Industrial-raised meat—such as the cheaper cuts at the grocery—is 30% higher in palmitic acid (a type of saturated fat) than grass-fed, organic meat (the healthiest choice).

Buffalo meat is a favorite in the Amen household because it’s the leaner, healthier, and extremely tasty red meat choice. With just 200 calories per 3-ounce serving, it’s comparable to chicken, and only contains 5 grams of saturated fat, while delivering 15% of the RDA for iron.

Be sure to select grass-fed, organic buffalo, which has more protein than beef and is rich in health-enhancing omega-3 fatty acids. Another health bonus: Buffalo meat is naturally low in cholesterol.

Here’s some recipes from my website that red meat lovers will enjoy:


Buffalo Tempeh Taco Wraps
Free Range Bison Meatloaf
Bison London Broil


Buffalo should be cooked at about 50 degrees lower than beef and tastes best when served rare to medium. You can substitute it in any recipe that calls for beef.


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