The Surprising Science of Chicken Soup

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The Surprising Science of Chicken Soup

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A hot bowl of chicken soup has long been a popular home remedy for what ails us. But can it actually cure a cold or the flu?

Several scientific studies show that the delicious comfort food really can have medicinal benefits. Research shows that chicken soup is packed with healthy compounds that reduce inflammation, a problem believed to contribute to cold symptoms.

An intriguing new study reports that one of these compounds—L-carnosine—may also help the immune system fight off the early stages of flu. Other research suggests that chicken soup can combat cold and flu symptoms more effectively than other hot liquids.

Even the steam from a fragrant bowl of hot chicken soup helps ease congestion from a cold or flu, while the tasty liquid keep you well hydrated, which is crucial for battling infections. Although scientists haven’t proven that this soothing family favorite will actually cure respiratory infections, it does have some healing powers.

For more delicious foods that boost the immune system—and help ward off colds and flu—visit my nutrition page.



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