5 Ways Kindness Boosts Your Emotional Well-Being


Did you know that giving is the gift that keeps on giving? That’s right—showing kindness to others is a surefire way to increase your own well-being, all while helping someone else. Whether you’re opening the door for a senior citizen, participating in a fundraiser or charity event, organizing a neighborhood cleanup effort, volunteering, or simply […]

Meditation Improves Brain Function


  We’ve all heard that meditation is great to help you relax and calm your mind – but did you know meditation can also help you sleep better, lessen anxiety and depression, help you focus, and increase your energy? Learn meditation basics and how to calm your mind so you CAN meditate … then take […]

Embrace Your Inner Beast!


Humans and gorillas share nearly identical DNA and digestive systems. So it’s not surprising that when humans eat like gorillas—wild gorillas, that is—we flourish. A gorilla’s wild diet is much healthier for people than the standard American diet, which is full of foods that contribute to obesity, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Eating like a […]