The Truth About Wine & Coffee

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Anxiety, depression, addiction, dehydration, and disrupted sleep are connected to caffeine intake.
Alcohol consumption is linked to breast cancer in women.
What else don’t you know about wine and coffee?

Should You Give Up Coffee?

I’m often asked this question. My view is that it’s fine to have one cup of coffee per day, before noon, provided that the cup contains about five to six ounces (none of those giant-sized jolts of java, please). Coffee’s health benefits may come from a substance called kahweol, a super-food with powerful antioxidant benefits. […]

My Average Day Of Eating

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I live a busy lifestyle and I have no choice but to be productive with my time and energy. This means I have to be organized and diligent with the way I eat. Take an inside look at how I eat throughout the day. My routine is simple; I start my morning with 20 ounces […]