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How To Conquer Carb Cravings

Sugar addiction isn’t just about willpower, it’s about hormones. It’s not you, it is what food is doing to you. Most of our patients are surprised to realize that it only takes about 3-7 days to end carb addictions if they follow our formula: Don’t skip breakfast, but don’t eat a carb heavy breakfast.Eat small…

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Dear Mom, I Love You

Moms and mother figures are so important in helping us become the people we are, so for Mother’s Day, I want to honor all the amazing things moms do. Mothers give life, teach lessons, and help their children learn to create healthy bonds. Most of the time, they are the health warriors for their families,…

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Stop Comparing Your Life and Start Living It

One never knows how the act of sharing a story or experience affects the trajectory of another person’s life. For me, the storyteller was my grandma, Irene Singleton, affectionately nicknamed Grandma Sugar. It was my deep connection to her story of adversity; the loss and hardship she experienced that helped shape my feelings about education.…

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Learn From Your Past Success

While there are many great mentors you can learn from that can help you knock your goals out of the park, what if I told you that you are by far the most powerful mentor you have? Using your past success as a template for overcoming bad habits is an excellent way to fuel future…

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A Warrior’s Approach to Emergency Planning

  Last month in Montana Chloe and I had a blast playing weekend warriors. I took her with me to attend a “Wilderness Medicine and Urban Survival” course. This was one of the most practical and fun medical lectures I’ve attended because they included emergency and survival courses for children as well. While I was learning…

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The Key To Creating Successful Habits

Many people eat more often when they’re feeling lonely, depressed, frustrated, bored and mad than when they are truly hungry. In fact, some people can go years without ever feeling hungry because they eat constantly. Food is their best friend. So, I’m going to show you how you can dump that “friend,” and make journaling…

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6 Ways to Empower Your Parenting


Life as a modern mom is a non-stop balancing act. To persevere, it takes optimism, firmness, time-management, patience, love, thoughtfulness, and a shot of wine every once in a while. (Just kidding about the wine. Remember that The Omni Diet eliminates alcohol!) If you are a parent, then you feel my sentiment. Regardless, it is…

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Go Ahead – Make A Resolution

Have you decided to lose weight this New Year? Weight loss is a perennially popular New Year’s resolution, along with “exercise more”, “spend less money” and “quit smoking”. The sad fact is that most people don’t stick to those resolutions for more than a month and by the end of January, a third of those…

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