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BWW Week 2: Forming Healthy Food Relationships

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BWW Week 2: Forming Healthy Food Relationships

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If you’re following us on the Brain Warrior’s Way journey, you’ve already cleaned out your pantry and started purchasing the basics from the shopping list we sent you last week. If not, now is the time. As you begin throwing out the processed foods of old, you may feel like you’re ditching some of your best friends. It’s not uncommon to feel a sense of longing for the food like substances that have taken up residency in the pleasure centers of your brain. This is called food addiction and it is with intention that these foods have been created to keep you addicted.

Have you ever been in, or witnessed someone in a bad relationship? It’s a sad sight to see. The person with the unhealthy attachment keeps loving and chasing someone or something that is clearly abusive, and possibly even causing them emotional and physical harm. Well, guess what? If you “love” food that does not love you back, welcome to an abusive relationship! You’re loving something that is beating the heck out of you on the inside.

We’re going to help you break your unhealthy attachment to the food like substances that have hijacked your taste buds and the pleasure center in your brain. In order to do that you must do the uncomfortable thing today so you can do the extraordinary thing tomorrow. You must say goodbye to your harmful relationships and start forming healthy ones today.

The good news is that the idea of making these changes is actually harder than the changes themselves. If you follow the steps we outline for you, there is no suffering required. You don’t need to “eliminate” or “erase” anything. I’m going to teach you to “replace” your old friends with new ones that love you back.

Follow the list below to create some new healthier relationships that will support you in winning the war for your brain and body.

Replace, Don’t Erase

As you wean yourself off unhealthy foods, use these super simple swap strategies:

  • Use erythritol for baking instead of sugar
  • Seaweed snacks instead of popcorn
  • Use coconut wraps, seaweed wraps or lettuce cups instead of bread
  • Make grain free bread, muffins and brownies as a treat (Recipe in Brain Warriors Way Cookbook) and on www.tanaamen.com
  • Avocado instead of butter
  • Almond, walnut or cashew butter instead of peanut butter
  • Salsa instead of ketchup
  • Hummus instead of mayonnaise
  • Pureed berries instead of jam and jelly
  • Coconut oil, coconut butter or ghee instead of butter
  • Use Flax Snax or veggies for dipping instead of Crackers
  • Use coconut milk in your tea or coffee instead of half-and-half or soy creamer
  • Drink sparkling water sweetened with root beer-flavored Stevia instead of diet soda
  • Enjoy unsweetened almond milk or walnut milk instead of dairy milk or soy milk
  • Replace candy with “Brain In Love” and “Brain On Joy” bars. They taste exactly like chocolate-almond candy, but they are sweetened with Erythritol

They can be found on the website www.brainmdhealth.com

  • Swap sugar free sheep’s or goat’s milk yogurt instead of cow’s milk yogurt. Add a few frozen blueberries and berry flavored stevia for a sweet treat
  • Replace ice cream with “avocado gelato.” (Omni Diet)
  • Eat half an apple with almond butter instead of cookies and candy
  • Eat a quarter-cup of raw unsalted nuts and one piece of dark chocolate that’s 70 percent cocoa instead of muffins, candies, and cookies
  • Switch out organic tamari sauce for soy sauce
  • Drink green tea or herbal tea with a few drops of Stevia instead of coffee
  • Dump “Brain Boost On the Go” into a glass of water and drink it instead of wine. The theanine and berry extract will give your brain a boost while helping you feel settled instead of dulling your senses. Can be found at www.brainmdhealth.com

If you are new to our tribe, you can join our free live classes every Wednesday night at 5:30pm Pacific Standard Time. Just go to www.brainwarriorswaylive.com and sign up today.

If you are already part of our tribe make sure you are turning in your journal entries on www.amenuniversity.com so you can get your black belt in health. Additionally, with each belt promotion we are offering incentives to support you on your journey.

We look forward to seeing you this Wednesday. 

Recipe of the Week

Fresh and Tangy Trout: Serves 4


4 six -ounce trout fillets

12 stems fresh thyme

1 sweet ruby red grapefruit (use 1 ½ oranges if grapefruit isn’t in season)

Optional: 2 garlic cloves, minced

Sea salt and pepper to taste

**You will need parchment paper**


  1. Preheat oven to 400 and line a baking sheet with parchment paper (enough to wrap around the fish and make a fold) and place fish slices on parchment paper.
  2. Cut grapefruit or 1 orange in half. Thinly slice the other half (or the orange).
  3. Line up fish on baking sheet. Lightly squeeze juice from half grapefruit onto both sides of fish. Spread garlic evenly over filets and salt and pepper as desired.
  4. Place whole thyme stems on fish and top with thin grapefruit slices.
  5. Fold parchment paper over fish and wrap the edges with a couple of times. If you prefer your fish more crisp on the surface, skip covering with parchment paper. The paper keeps it moist and from drying out.
  6. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes depending on desired doneness.

Remove from paper and serve with large salad or sweet potatoes.

Nutritional information per serving

277.9 calories , 39.2g protein, 5.6g carbohydrates, 0.1g fiber, 5.0g sugar, 9.9g fat

2.8g saturated fat, 117.3mg cholesterol, 95.2mg sodium


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