The Real Deal On Supplements For Kids

Why? How much? Which ones?… are some of the frequently asked questions I get when it comes to kids and supplements. Summer can be a great opportunity to make healthy changes or refocus your families’ health routines. Or, better yet, if you don’t have a health routine, now is the time to start one.

Typically, we don’t think of kids needing supplements but what we don’t realize is that our bodies do not get everything they need from food alone. Supplements can pick up where food leaves off; giving our bodies some of the extra firepower needed to fight the everyday assaults of environmental toxins. However, it’s important to remember that supplements can’t take the place of important health supporting habits such as getting adequate sleep, regular exercise, and drinking enough water.

Let’s admit that none of us lives a perfect life. Even if you and your children eat 10 servings of organic fruit and vegetables every day, consume proper amounts of lean protein, avoid sugar and other dietary toxins, and drink plenty of water, you may still be short on some important nutrients. And, think of what you’re missing if you’re not eating that kind of high-quality diet every day! This is where supplements come in; they help to fill in the nutritional gaps that exist in just about everyone’s diet. The good news is that they do a fantastic job filling those gaps.

Let me be clear, supplements can’t replace a healthy diet. We all need a solid nutritional foundation provided by consuming nutrient-dense foods, but the key is to know what supplements you should be taking to optimize your health. For overall well-being, I recommend that everyone take:

Summer can be a great opportunity to make healthy changes or refocus your families’ health routines. Or, better yet, if you don’t have a health routine, now is the time to start one. This week’s video focuses on my 3 tips for incorporating supplements into your child’s morning breakfast routine. It doesn’t need to be complicated and it shouldn’t be a battle. Blending these key supplements into a morning smoothie is the best strategy that works for my family, but do what works best for you!

Tip 1Breakfast Smoothie (multivitamin, fish oil, vitamin D, probiotic)

Tip 2– Almond butter maple syrup ball (coconut butter or cocoa powder)

Tip 3– Special Bonus Recipe is my Avocado Gelato! Clink the link below to access this bonus recipe content available on my website: Amazing Avocado Gelato

Try one or all of these strategies and post a picture of you and your family enjoying them!





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