Feel The Healing Power Of A Heartbeet Smoothie

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Feel The Healing Power Of A Heartbeet Smoothie

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I asked my Chef to create a brand new recipe for my Brain Warrior Tribe as a Valentine’s Day gift. Medicinal quality food that tastes delicious but also helps to heal and nurture those suffering brain health issues. You’re going to love this smoothie!

Beets: Increase blood flow! Excellent for brain health!
Hemp Seeds: Healthy fats, excellent for heart and joint health, beautiful hair, skin, and nails. Helps balance hormones.
Cacao: Contains compounds that release endorphins and boost serotonin levels to help create blissful loving feelings.
Cinnamon: Improves memory and focus. Helps regulate blood sugar. An aphrodisiac in men!

Click here for the Heartbeet Smoothie recipe.

Click here for my Nutty Butter Cups recipe.

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