5 Ways to Get Back to Who You Were Pre-Pandemic

I have been feeling so great lately! I really enjoy the summertime and this year it seems to be even more special now that everyday life is becoming much more like we know it should be. Having some of the simple pleasures that we missed last year be within reach again feels liberating and exciting—almost as though they are new again. And, although my family and I still take any needed precautions when we are out and about, it’s great to feel like we are getting back to how we were before the pandemic.

How are you handling this sense of newfound freedom?

While I know some people are already back to “normal” to the extent they can be, others may still be a bit hesitant—and that’s okay. Although everyone should go at the pace they are comfortable with, I think it’s worth considering the year behind you and start looking at ways for getting yourself back to where you were pre-pandemic.

Although everyone should go at the pace they are comfortable with, it’s important to start looking at ways for getting yourself back to where you were pre-pandemic. Click To Tweet

5 Ways to Pick Up Where You Left Off Before COVID-19 Hit

Think about the things you’ve missed doing the most since March of 2020. Also, be honest with yourself about any bad habits you might have gotten into or healthy practices that might have slipped along the way.

Here are my 5 suggestions for making your life feel more normal again:

Make Exercise a Priority.

Between working from home and kids doing school over the internet, I know it was hard for many of you to squeeze in the time you usually dedicated to exercise. But it’s never too late to get started again. Really! Think about a small fitness goal you would like to achieve this summer and start taking the steps to make it happen. You’ll feel so great when you can celebrate your success!

Spend Time with Friends Again.

So many of us really felt the absence of being with the friends who are important to us. Recently, I have found it so refreshing—and really wonderful—to be with my friends in person again. That sense of connection and bonding is so important for our mental health. So, reach out and plan some fun activities with your besties.

Get Back to Healthy Eating.

I know I’ve mentioned this topic several times during the last year, but I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be conscientious about what goes on the end of your fork. I understand that with all the restrictions and anxiety around the pandemic it was easy (even for me at times) to veer off the healthy eating path. But that excuse is no longer valid.

So, even if you’ve made a lot of poor choices around food, it’s time to forgive yourself and get back on the healthy eating train. Fill your plate with lots of fresh produce and add some clean protein and healthy fats. Before you know it, you’ll remember how great it is to feel good from eating food that supports your brain and body in healthy ways. I’ve got lots of free recipes for you on my website, so check them out!

Visit a New Place.

Being able to travel again is such a relief for so many people. Going to new places helps to open our eyes to the uniqueness of different towns and/or the experience of others—and it doesn’t even require a big vacation. Do some research on your own state and find some interesting places you’d like to visit this summer, then plan some day trips with your family or friends. Follow me on Instagram to see where I’ll be traveling next.

The One Page Miracle (OPM).

I love this because it helps put all of my goals in one place. The OPM is a document (you can download it for free here) that helps you define your goals in each of the important areas of your life: mental and physical health, relationships, work or school, finances, passions, and spiritual aspects. You write down what you want for yourself in these areas, and then read your OPM each day to keep you focused on what’s important for you in your life.

Making an effort—in either large or small ways—to get healthy and enjoy the things you like to do will bring a smile to your face and give you a well-deserved feeling of happiness again. So Brain Warriors, get out there and do it!

For more inspiration, order my newest book, The Relentless Courage of a Scared Child: How Persistence, Grit, and Faith Created a Reluctant Healer.

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