Health On The Go: Essential Tips For Healthy Travel

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”

I love that quote because it perfectly describes how I constantly live my life. Most people find it a struggle to keep their healthy eating habits up while traveling. Even though traveling is exciting, most people come home feeling out of balance because of their poor eating decisions while on the road. The hard part is this ultimately deters their progress and it then takes time to get back into their healthy daily routine.

However, I’ve found some easy ways to stay healthy when traveling. I never travel anywhere unless I am completely packed up with all my sustenance. This turns traveling into a healthy joy—and more importantly—I feel GREAT!

Here are some items to remember to take with you on the road:

Breakfast and snacks

Think protein and healthy fat for breakfast because eating a sugary high-carb breakfast will sap your energy quickly and sabotage your focus. When traveling you need all the focus and energy you can muster. My favorite travel breakfast is a protein smoothie or eggs with steamed spinach. I keep packets of protein powder in my suitcase in case I don’t have time to hunt down eggs.

Other ready to go snacks I keep packed are:

  • coconut wraps
  • nut butter
  • canned wild salmon (bpa free)
  • nuts
  • grainless granola
  • green tea
  • coconut oil
  • seaweed snacks

Hydrate, hydrate!

Staying hydrated is so important for our bodies and especially when traveling. The air conditioning in hotels and the air pressure from the planes dehydrate our bodies. I try to travel with my own reusable bottle to avoid plastic. However, I don’t sacrifice hydration and will purchase bottled water if necessary (I often refill them). It’s best to avoid caffeine when flying because it is dehydrating. Although I often drink green tea on the plane, I drink double the amount of water.

Have a travel plan

I always call ahead and have the mini bar emptied to avoid late night temptation. By making the grocery store one of my first stops after deplaning, I’m able to stock up on healthy, fresh snacks like berries, avocados and other energy supplying food. And finally, using the internet or the concierge to locate healthy restaurants will ensure you stay on your plan.

Remember, taking a little time to prepare your menu and exercise plan before you travel will ultimately SAVE you time by increasing your energy, focus and productivity. You will likely be sick less, and even better, you’ll feel great!

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