5 Ideas To Make Easter Special This Year

I have to be honest. This isn’t an easy blog for me to write. Usually, I’m really excited to share my thoughts on how to create a beautiful brain healthy Easter brunch for family and friends. And I love to remind my Warrior tribe about the true meaning of this very important holiday. For those of us who are Christian, Easter is a time to focus on renewal and a celebration of new life. For others, it’s an opportunity to cherish togetherness and the coming of Spring.

But this year, Easter feels very different.

How do you celebrate new life when the numbers of people falling ill or dying from the coronavirus are skyrocketing? How do you embrace family togetherness when we’re quarantined, or when your in-laws are in the hospital with COVID-19 (like mine were)? How do you get the soul-soothing experience of being in church when most places of worship have shuttered their doors?

I’m digging deep into my Warrior mindset to find a way to continue our traditions and stay focused on our blessings amid the chaos. Here are some options you might want to try this year to help yourself and your family maintain a sense of normalcy and hope.

1. Be socially distant but soulfully connected. Get the whole family together on a video conference or FaceTime for a virtual celebration. Have everybody share some good news to keep things uplifting.

2. Live stream religious services. Many churches are holding services online. To make things seem even more “normal” you may want to encourage your family to get out of their quarantine sweatpants and PJs and get dressed up to gather around the screen for a special message from your trusted spiritual leaders. Encourage other family members to tune in to the same service so you can feel like you’re all there together.

3. Take your Easter egg hunt indoors. If you typically stage an Easter egg hunt with the neighbors or at a community center, consider hiding them throughout the house or in the backyard. It can be just as much fun looking under couch cushions and behind desks to find the hidden treasures. If you’re hiding plastic eggs, fill them with a small toy, their favorite nuts, or a special handwritten note to your child.

4. Let kids get creative with Easter crafts. Considering that eggs are in limited supply, and we need to be thoughtful about food, you may want to skip the traditional Easter egg dyeing this year. Instead, you can download Easter-themed pages that your kids can color using crayons or markers. (Crayola offers free coloring pages here.) Or craft bunnies out of cardboard or fabric.

5. Serve food that fuels your brain and body. Considering some grocery stores are sold out of certain foods, do your best to prepare a brain-healthy brunch that will help boost moods and immunity. Your family deserves it. Here are some really easy options that are light on ingredients, taste delicious, and do great things for your health.

  • One-Minute Avocado Egg Basket — This unique take on eggs requires only 2 ingredients (avocado and eggs), but you can add salt, pepper, or any other spices you prefer. You can find the recipe for this dish in The Brain Warrior’s Way Cookbook.

May you and your family stay safe and healthy this Easter.

Find many more recipes on my website and in The Brain Warrior’s Way Cookbook. Take 21% off when you order any through BrainMD. Just enter TANA21 at checkout. And be sure to leave a comment to let me know how you’ll be celebrating this Easter.


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