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Omni Strong in October: 6 Fitness Tools You Must Have

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If you’re slim and fit, take pride in your appearance no matter what your age! If not, you can get there, and I’m going to tell you how. The Omni Diet eliminates the inflammation-producing foods that have been damaging your internal organs and widening your waistline. You can actually reduce internal inflammation and turn off its effects by emphasizing fresh vegetables, a little fruit, fish that are rich in omega-3 … Continue reading “The Anti-Aging Alternative”

6 Ways to Empower Your Parenting


You know that old saying "the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree?" I hope that’s right as far as child rearing is concerned, although these days the current catch word is "modeling" – as in role model. What kind of role model are you for your kids? Unfortunately, children don’t come with instruction manuals, but I hope I’m getting it right with my daughter Chloe. As parents, we’ve got … Continue reading “What Are You Modeling For Your Kids?”

Think Your Way to Better Health

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Football season is upon us and you know what that means? Getting ready for your spouse to ignore you like him noticing those new earrings you bought. Besides that, this also signals the return of Monday Night Football (MNF). So you know while MNF is on, he will want some game-time munchies. But this doesn’t mean you have to feed him buttery popcorn, beer and salty pretzels. You might as … Continue reading “Omni Up Your Partner’s Monday Night Football Foods”

Homework Hassles