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If This is FAILURE, Count Me In!


No joke, new research from Canada suggests that exercise alone can reverse signs of skin aging even if you don’t start to work out until late in life and regardless of any skin damage due to basking unprotected on the beach when you were young. Researchers at McMaster University in Canada began to wonder about the effects of exercise on skin when they saw what happened to mice with access … Continue reading “Can Exercise Reverse Skin Aging?”

The Scary Costs of a Junk Food Diet – They’ll Surprise You!


I blogged about the awesome powers of green tea in February, and I’m returning to the subject now to fill you in on ground-breaking new research from Switzerland showing that green tea is not only great for the body. This superfood may also have an important influence on the brain by boosting cognitive function (your thinking power, particularly working memory) and may be worth studying as a treatment for dementia. … Continue reading “More Great News About Green Tea”

Too Much Salt!


You can file this news under “life isn’t fair”, but on the other hand, it could actually be helpful if you’ve been frustrated by previous attempts to lose weight. Researchers at the Harvard School for Public Health have published a study showing that some people with a genetic predisposition to obesity actually gain weight faster as a result of eating fried foods than those whose genetic risk is lower. My … Continue reading “The Fried Food Factor and “Life isn’t Fair””

Great News about Exercise


Cacao, the raw form of chocolate, is bursting with anti-oxidants believed to protect us against cardiovascular disease, premature aging and some forms of cancer. It is truly an Omni NutriPower food. We’re familiar with cacoa’s many health benefits, but until now, we haven’t had a clue about how it exerts its positive effects in the body. Researchers at Louisiana State University (LSU) have unraveled that puzzle with a study showing … Continue reading “How Chocolate Works Its Health Magic”