What's Good For Your Brain Is Good For Your Heart

Did you know that 75% cases of cardiovascular disease, such as heart attack and stroke events, are preventable? That is one of the many health nuggets you’ll learn in “The Whole Heart Solution: Halt Heart Disease Now with the Best Alternative and Traditional Medicine“; a book by my good friend, Dr. Joel Kahn.

Our mission at Amen Clinics is to positively impact the health of as many people as possible. Good nutrition is at the cornerstone of what we do, and we realize that one diet doesn’t fit everyone. I believe that we all need mentors, so when I coach vegetarians and vegans, I often consult with Dr. Kahn, who is my mentor. His message is thoughtful and easy to understand. “The Whole Heart Solution” is a treasure trove of information for people looking to improve their heart health.

The Reason I Support Dr. Kahn’s book

I believe everyone can optimize their heath, and it starts by giving your body what it needs. My purpose is to help people recognize that their health is the most important thing in their life. With Dr. Kahn’s book, you can learn how to improve your heart health and experience life to the fullest.

Six Vital Health Points Made In “The Whole Heart Solution”

Since Dr. Kahn is my go-to guy for questions about the heart as well as vegan and vegetarian patients, I wanted to share his knowledge with you. His expertise is readily apparent in “The Whole Heart Solution.” Every assertion Dr. Kahn makes in the book is research-based.

  1. Prolonged sitting and repeatedly running marathons are equally dangerous to your health Most of us are aware that sitting for long periods of time every day is not healthy. But did you honestly know that repeatedly running marathons is just as unhealthy? If not, Dr. Kahn explains why in the book. Also, he recommends to “de-motorvate” your life by adding shorter bursts of movement into your day (e.g., taking a 5 minute mid-day walk).
  2. What we eat is only half of the nutrition equation Dr. Kahn teaches that it is not just about what we eat, but how we store, cook, consume and shop for our food as well. The following are some of the nutritional practices that he, discusses in the book:
    • fasting for 11 hours
    • avoiding heart AGErs with smart cooking techniques
    • breaking the record for the person who eats the slowest.  
  3. Some so-called healthy foods are not really healthy, while other foods should be considered medicine Dr. Kahn educates you about certain foods you might believe to be healthy but actually are not. He also talks about some foods that are so healthy they should be utilized as medicine. Overall, you will learn which foods harm and which ones heal.
  4. Emotional health affects heart health Most people know that a poor diet and physical inactivity can eventually lead to heart issues. But did you know that stress, depression and anxiety also have a direct impact on the heart? These negative emotional health factors correlate with a higher risk of dying from heart disease or stroke. Dr. Kahn provides details about how activities such as cuddling with a pet, sex, getting 7-8 hours of sleep, and volunteer work can help heal your heart.
  5. Common household products that are harmful to your health Did you know that there are over 80,000 chemicals in common household products, including things like toothpaste, plastic food containers and even cell phones? Dr. Kahn tells how these products can cause heart disease and other health problems (e.g., infertility, thyroid problems, etc.) that indirectly affect the heart. To the book provides information about reducing your risk of chemical exposure by cleaning with natural products, airing out dry cleaning, creating a BPA-free kitchen and switching to natural beauty products.
  6. Take the right type of vitamins and supplements Supplements are a touchy subject in the medical world. Nonetheless, Dr. Kahn explores which vitamins and supplements are important to take. His recommendations include taking a natural multivitamin and getting enough Vitamin D, among others. Other recommendations are in his book.   

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