Tana’s Sleep Hacks To Overcome Her Insomnia

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Tana’s Sleep Hacks To Overcome Her Insomnia

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After recovering from thyroid cancer and the treatment that involved, Tana had immense difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep. Over time Tana has established a sleep routine that works for her. Learn what herbs, spices and other products Tana uses to overcome her insomnia.

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Restful Sleep
Sleep like a baby — wake up refreshed and ready to go! Dr. Amen’s formula eases you into sleep, helps you stay asleep all night, and wake up feeling great.

Restful Sleep with Hypnosis MP3
If you suffer with sleep issues you’re aware of how debilitating it truly is. On this audio recording Dr. Amen leads you through guided imagery designed to calm your brain and send you into a full nights restful sleep.

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