7 Fun Ways to Keep Moving on Hot Days


With the mercury rising and family vacations pulling us away from our typical routines, it can be easy to let physical activity slide in summertime. But this season’s relaxing vibe shouldn’t include skimping on your daily movement quota—after all, exercise is a must for your mental health as much as your physical well-being. As long […]

Deliciously Healthy Summer Drinks For Kids

Remember how great it felt to gulp down a cold, flavorful drink after playing outdoors or riding your bike on a hot, summer day when you were a kid? Now you can create equally delectable memories for your children with tasty thirst-quenchers that offer a healthy alternative to sugar-and chemical-laden soda and drink mixes. These […]

Summertime Snacks: Fun, Healthy & Great For Kids

A lot of parents ask me for help on how to get their kids to eat healthy. My answer? Get your kids involved in the meal preparation process. Have them help you create their healthy snacks and before you know it, they’ll be doing it on their own. The easiest place to start is with […]