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My Summer Must-Have List


Where did summer go? I feel like it was only a few weeks ago that Chloe was dealing with all the stresses of final exams and the pre-summer frenzy. Now we’re into August, and summer is nearly over. However, this summer the fiercest warriors from all across the world get together to compete in the Summer Olympics. Every four years we get a special treat, as we are all captivated … Continue reading “Our Summer Warriors: USA Olympians”

5 Steps to Rev Up Your Motivation For Summer


  A lot of parents ask me for help on how to get their kids to eat healthy. My answer? Get your kids involved in the meal preparation process. Have them help you create their healthy snacks and before you know it, they’ll be doing it on their own. The easiest place to start is with a favorite snack. In my case, and probably most parents’ cases, chocolate is always … Continue reading “Summertime Snacks: Fun, Healthy and Great For Kids”

Celebrate Summer with Farmers’ Market Feasts

Remember how great it felt to gulp down a cold, flavorful drink after playing outdoors or riding your bike on a hot, summer day when you were a kid? Now you can create equally delectable memories for your children with tasty thirst-quenchers that offer a healthy alternative to sugar-and chemical-laden soda and drink mixes. These wholesome summer sips with kid appeal are all family favorites in the Amen household–and add … Continue reading “Deliciously Healthy Summer Drinks for Kids”