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Sleep. Every kid needs it. How do you ensure that your kids are getting the benefits of a good night’s rest?


If you tend to struggle with sleep problems, it’s likely they get worse during the holiday season when life seems to be much busier with shopping, parties and travel. As I’ve discussed previously, good rest is vitally important for your long-term brain health, energy, weight control, and of course, your mood. Recently, I posted blogs on the 2 Week Sleep Hygiene Challenge. Week 1 gave you the Hygiene Assessment ( to … Continue reading “It’s Time to Finally Get a Restful Night’s Sleep”

Don’t Let Sleep Deprivation Make You the Family Scrooge!

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Sleep is a cornerstone of long-term brain health and vibrant energy. It also plays a surprising part in weight control. Many studies have shown that chronic failure to get enough sleep increases the risk of being overweight or obese. You should get at least seven hours of sleep per night, that is why I want to discuss the new challenge I recommend for you to take. Sleep deprivation lowers levels … Continue reading “Take the 2 Week Sleep Hygiene Challenge. (Pt. 1 of 2)”