Fatigue: Are You Tired of Feeling Exhausted?


If you’re struggling to find the energy for everyday tasks—like going to work, parenting, or even just getting out of bed in the morning—life can feel like an uphill battle. We all have moments when we feel less energetic, but when fatigue prevents you from doing things you usually enjoy, there may be an underlying […]

6 Ways to Empower Your Parenting


Life as a modern mom is a non-stop balancing act. To persevere, it takes optimism, firmness, time-management, patience, love, thoughtfulness, and a shot of wine every once in a while. (Just kidding about the wine. Remember that The Omni Diet eliminates alcohol!) If you are a parent, then you feel my sentiment. Regardless, it is […]

Teen Bullying – Tips To Stay Strong; with Chloe Amen

  Teens in this crazy world have a difficult road to navigate. Bullying is everywhere and our teens need to be savvy in order to survive. Learn what your teen can do to stay focused and grounded. Try my free One Page Miracle to help with direction and focus. Train your brain with a personalized […]