How to Process Your Emotions in a Healthy, Productive Way

In addition to being the official kickoff to the new year and the time when resolutions start strong, January is also Mental Wellness Month. This occasion calls all of us to look after our internal well-being, just as so many of us seek to ramp up our physical health at this time of year. The […]

3 Ways to Show Support This Minority Mental Health Awareness Month


Did you know that July ushers in National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month? I think this topic should be a focus year-round, but this is a great time to raise awareness about minorities’ mental health issues. That entails considering all of the specific challenges various groups may face—including stigma around discussing mental health, substance use […]

10 Fun Ways to Keep Improving Your Brain

brain health

Until the middle of the 20th century, it was widely believed that our brains became “fixed” once we got to adulthood, so we were stuck with whatever we had going on inside our skulls. Of course, modern science has known for decades that is not the case. Due to a process called neuroplasticity (pronounced:noor-oh-pla-stis-i-tee), the […]