Do You Need to Break Up With Sugar?

Do You Need to Break Up With Sugar

People don’t usually lump sugar into the same category as addictive drugs like heroin and cocaine, but—to the dismay of many—it works in a similar way, triggering the same “addiction center” in the brain as these other toxic substances (specifically, the nucleus accumbens, our pleasure and rewards center). That leads to developing addictive behaviors when […]

5 Weird Ways Alcohol Tricks Your Brain

5 Weird Ways Alcohol Tricks Your Brain

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Alcohol is not a health food! It has been implicated in a long list of serious conditions, from heart and liver diseases to cancer and depression, to name just a few. And the drinkers who are at risk aren’t only the heaviest of consumers, but anyone […]

Improve Gut Health Naturally with These Foods

Prebiotic and Probiotic Foods

If your gut is not happy, your brain is not happy—and, in all likelihood, neither is any other part of your body. Researchers keep finding more evidence between gut health and overall well-being, from brain and mental health to immune response. And, in extreme cases, an unhealthy digestive environment is associated with more severe consequences […]