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Need Motivation To Exercise? It’s Right Here

Having trouble staying motivated to exercise? You’re definitely not alone. So many things can get in the way of your good intentions to work out. Crying kids. A bad night’s sleep. Medications that zap your energy. You name it, we’ve all been there. You know how important it is for your brain health and mental…

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Stop Letting Stress Hijack Your Brain (and Your Life)

For most of us, we’re going through one of the biggest times of crisis in our lives. People are dealing with a health crisis, economic crisis, relationship crisis, child-care crisis, and more. And the rampant stress is hijacking our brains. So how do you gain control when you lose a job, a loved one dies,…

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Is It OK To Have Diet Cheat Days?

When you’re trying to follow a brain-healthy eating plan, you may wonder if you can get away with a weekly cheat day (or more cheat days during the pandemic). The notion of cheat days as an acceptable part of a healthy diet is so common there are nearly 4 million posts on Instagram using the…

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What The Heck Is Spirulina…and Is It Good For You?

There’s been some controversy lately about spirulina, and it’s time to clear up the confusion. Spirulina—also called blue-green algae—is a type of cyanobacteria, a single-celled microbe that grows in saltwater and in fresh water. It’s a favorite food source for many types of fish. And among humans, it has long been considered a superfood. But…

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