Is Stevia Safe For Your Health?

The truth about sugar is finally being revealed. Refined sugar, organic or not, has no redeeming value for your health unless you’re suffering the effects of extreme low blood sugar. Sugar has always been the enemy.

Unfortunately, contrary to what popular marketing would have you believe, artificial sweeteners are actually worse for your health, if that’s possible. When manufacturers remove sugar from products they often supplement them with harmful additives, chemicals, fillers, and preservatives that have no nutritional value. According to a Scientific American study, artificial sweeteners may change our gut bacteria in dangerous ways.

Not only do artificial sweeteners incorporate toxins into your diet, but it is a fundamental barrier to weight loss and optimal health. As a result of the change in gut bacteria, some artificial sweeteners have been shown to increase blood sugar, trigger cravings and lead to weight gain.

Healthier Alternatives:

Replace real sugar and artificial sweetners with stevia. The stevia leaf is a herb that comes in many forms including powder and liquid. Keep in mind stevia extract should be used sparingly since it is as much as two to three hundred times sweeter than sugar.

Benefits of Stevia:

I have a personal bias toward stevia as a sweetener because of its least reported problems. In fact, in one study, it was concluded that stevia leaves play a significant role in alleviating symptoms of diabetes, liver and kidney damage. In addition, stevia does not impact blood sugar levels the way sugar does, and it does not acidify the system the way toxic sugar substitutes do. Some evidence suggests stevia may:

  • Stabilize blood sugars
  • Enhance glucose tolerance
  • And reduce blood pressure

If you take medication for diabetes or blood pressure, be sure to monitor the effects of stevia on your numbers. Some studies suggest that stevia may cause dips in blood sugar and blood pressure for people taking significant doses of these medications.

If you’re looking for a sugar free, plant based protein powder, check out Omni Protein in either vanilla or chocolate flavors. This stevia sweetened protein powder will boost your energy and focus and it tastes amazing.





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