Deliciously Healthy Summer Drinks For Kids

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Deliciously Healthy Summer Drinks For Kids

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Remember how great it felt to gulp down a cold, flavorful drink after playing outdoors or riding your bike on a hot, summer day when you were a kid? Now you can create equally delectable memories for your children with tasty thirst-quenchers that offer a healthy alternative to sugar-and chemical-laden soda and drink mixes.

These wholesome summer sips with kid appeal are all family favorites in the Amen household–and add sparkle and fun to the season’s celebrations, from Father’s Day to backyard barbeques, birthday parties, picnics and play dates with friends. And they could just become a cherished family tradition!

  • Sugar-free soda pop alternative. Slice a strawberry and use it to garnish a glass of sparkling water flavored with lemon, lime or berry stevia (a natural, calorie-free sweetener).
  • Fruit juice alternative.Fruit juice has up to triple the sugar as the same volume of fruit, with only a small fraction of the fiber. A smoothie made with whole fruit and protein powder provides a healthy, filling way for kids to drink fruit without the sugar overload.
  • Chocolate milk alternative. Add a few drops of stevia to unsweetened chocolate almond or rice milk.

Check out more delicious drink ideas here and in The Brain Warrior’s Way Cookbook.

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