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Halloween Doesn’t Have to be Scary for Your Health

Take Control of Your Life!-1

The people in your tribe are contagious. Therefore, be conscious about with whom you spend your time. I think of time like currency, and people like an investment. Frankly, most of my friends and colleagues are smarter, more successful, more graceful, more generous, and make a bigger difference for the health of your brain and body. This doesn’t make me jealous; it inspires me to be better! Be happy if … Continue reading “The Evolved Brain Warrior – Part 3”

The Evolved Brain Warrior – Part 2

Why You Should Switch to Quinoa(4)

People have evolved together to form tribes from the beginning of time. The reason is simple – survival. According to current research, modern lone warriors don’t fare much better today than in prehistoric times when T. Rex. might’ve popped his brain in for a midnight snack. Humans are also hard wired to be social creatures and need bonding. According to biologist, E.O. Wilson, people, all people (no exception), need a group to … Continue reading “The Evolved Brain Warrior Part 1”

Why Can’t You Collect Purses Instead of Bruises – Like a Normal Mom?

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