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The Toxic Truth

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"I feel gray, even on a sunny day." ’I feel like I am moving and thinking in slow motion." "I don’t feel hopeful or happy. “I can’t focus … I feel stupid." A show of hands—do any of those sound familiar? Or, I should say, feel familiar? It really is true: you are what you eat. Everything you put on the end of your fork matters! When you eat to … Continue reading “The Food-Mood Connection”

WATCH: Surviving Cancer Three Times


Bagels and cream cheese. Pasta with alfredo sauce. Bread and stew. For many people, the thought of cutting out bread, even whole wheat bread, from their diet is wholly unreasonable. But a growing number (a surprisingly large number) of people are doing the unthinkable: they are staying out of the bread aisle, saying "no thank you" to the traditional basket of bread at the restaurant, and they are throwing out … Continue reading “Are You Eating Modern Frankengrains?”