The Toxic Truth

“That white powder. It just makes me feel good. I can’t get it off my mind until I have my next fix—and then I keep coming back for more. The more I have it, the more I want it…”

That statement could be coming from a cocaine addict or a sugar addict. Isn’t it strange that cocaine and sugar are both white substances that can both be dangerously addictive?

It is important to know that sugar, just like cocaine, is addictive and devastating to the body. Actually, sugar can be even more addictive than cocaine. Research has produced evidence that under certain circumstances, rats have become sugar dependent, often choosing sugar water over cocaine when offered a choice.

Many parents worry that their kids will hang out with the wrong crowd and get involved with drugs, yet every day mom and dad pack their school lunches with white bread sandwiches, a bag of potato chips, and some cookies for dessert.

Then they put in an apple. Because, you know, it’s healthy.

If it wasn’t so sad, a joke could be inserted in there.

And parents wonder what is wrong with kids these days.

We have learned to consume carbs in small amounts throughout the day. In other words, we have learned to graze on carbs like cattle.

Nice. How unhealthy is that?

What we need to learn is how to graze on the right foods, the ones that promote great health.

In this week’s video, let’s chat about carb cravings, and why they happen… because the better you understand your cravings, the better you (and your family) can control your cravings.



that carbohydrates are more addicting than cocaine and morphine? That explains a lot, doesn’t it?

How to break your addiction to carbs is the same as breaking any other addiction: exercise, eating healthy foods (believe it or not, the right foods can help curb cravings), keeping your mind off the cravings (I know it is hard, but it can be done).

I’ll Give You My Bread When You Pry It From My Cold Dead Hands

Some people love their bread, along with their potatoes, but even they are surprised by what happens to their body and overall attitude when they cut out the “wrong carbs” from their diet, and then replace them with healthy fat, protein and vegetables. Many people need help learning how to incorporate healthy alternatives into their diets.

“My taste buds got sharper.”

That’s one of the first things many people have commented on.

They have noticed that when they ate vegetables a week or so after quitting carbs, the flavors become much more robust.

Sounds just like when you quit smoking, doesn’t it? Foods taste better!

“I became profoundly more productive.”

For those who already know, many of them can’t think of a single action that has had a greater impact on the amount of stuff they are able to accomplish. They feel “clean” energy all day long.

“I lost a lot of weight.”

The Brain Warrior’s Way and The Omni Diet aren’t about losing weight, but when you change your diet, the side effect can result in weight loss.

Imagine being able to eat more and NOT gain more!

Try that with carbs.

“My mind got sharper.”

As we age, we still want to keep as sharp as a tack. You want to be able to concentrate longer.

And remember, I’m all about replace, don’t erase, so read The Brain Warrior’s Way or The Omni Diet for some great ideas to replace the wrong kind of carbs’that could lead you down a path toward health complications.


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