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The Brain Warrior Diet Goes on the Road


Don’t you just love it when you learn that something delicious is actually good for you? Me, too! That’s why I’m passing on some great news about avocados. We’ve known for some time that these fruits (yes, fruits — avocados have seeds) seem to have nutritional super powers. Not only do they provide healthy, monounsaturated fat and 11 grams of fiber, they can help lower your cholesterol and protect you … Continue reading “Avocados: Even Healthier than We Thought”

Eating Out the Omni Way


Possibly not as safe as you think, according to researchers at the University of California, Davis who took a look at videos showing how lax many home cooks are about food safety basics. The worst offense? Not washing hands after handling raw chicken. People, that is not a healthy practice! The next big mistakes: washing raw chicken in the sink and undercooking the chicken. I came across the UC Davis … Continue reading “How Safe Is Your Kitchen?”

Nuts for You!


Summer is in full swing and hopefully you’ve adapted your exercise routine to take advantage of the beautiful weather. One way to stay healthy in the sun is to make sure you’re staying hydrated. A lot of myths have grown up around this issue of hydration, mostly planted by the purveyors of sports drinks whose business is to convince you that without their sugar laden products you probably would keel … Continue reading “Healthy Hydration”

The Danger of Television


We’ve been hearing a lot lately about traumatic brain injuries (TBI), particularly in relationship to sports that involve a lot of physical contact — guys slamming into other guys and piling on top of each other. Football, soccer, boxing and ice hockey are all sports we’ve long known to be bad for your brain, but in the good old days (of only a few years ago) we thought the risks … Continue reading “Dangerous Brain Games”