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The Good and Bad News about Olive Oil


Here’s another seemingly small thing that can pay big dividends: did you ever notice that slim people with no weight problems tend to eat slowly? You may have finished your meal while your skinny friend is only halfway through hers. Eating speed is definitely connected to weight. New studies from Australia have confirmed that the slower you eat and the more you chew, the more calories you burn in the … Continue reading “Little Things Mean a Lot”

Eat Together at the Dinner Table? What a Concept!


I’m thrilled to be speaking at the California Women’s Conference on May 19, and I hope to see you there. This is an inspirational, stellar event that has attracted a gathering of luminaries including Arianna Huffington, Jane Pauley, Jack (“Chicken Soup for the Soul”) Canfield, actor Rosie Perez, and many more accomplished and successful women (and men) from just about every field you can name. This action packed, two day … Continue reading “Women Warriors …Unbeatable!”

The Dirty Dozen

the_dirty _dozen.jpg

Have you been shopping yet for a Mother’s Day gift? What are you thinking about? A new sweater, a piece of jewelry, a big bouquet of flowers or a traditional box of chocolates? What about a gift that would really make a difference in her life? You could give her an experience that can help her address the problems so many women share, regardless of age. Is your mother (or … Continue reading “Give Mom a Priceless Gift!”