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Salmon: Go Wild For Your Heart Health

What you eat can play a surprisingly big role in how well you sleep, according to a new study by the Perelman School of Medicine at University of Pennsylvania. The study was the first to link specific nutrients to short or long sleep duration—and also found that people who consume a large variety of foods had the healthiest slumber patterns. In my lectures and Omni Diet classes, I frequently point … Continue reading “A Dream Diet: Foods that Help You Sleep”

Tana’s Pantry

A hot bowl of chicken soup has long been a popular home remedy for what ails us. But can it actually cure a cold or the flu? Several scientific studies show that the delicious comfort food really can have medicinal benefits. Research shows that chicken soup is packed with healthy compounds that reduce inflammation, a problem believed to contribute to cold symptoms. An intriguing new study reports that one of … Continue reading “The Surprising Science of Chicken Soup”

Foods That Fight Heart Disease

Between the flu epidemic sweeping the US—and outbreaks of the nasty stomach bug norovirus—you may feel that immune-system muggers are lurking everywhere you go. But the good news is that you can powerfully strengthen your natural defenses against disease, simply by eating the right foods. Studies show that immunity starts in the gut, making what you put in your stomach a key part of protecting yourself against germs. Here’s a … Continue reading “7 Foods That Boost Your Immune System”