The Exercise Trick For Better Focus

Ever feel like you can’t concentrate? Do you find yourself getting distracted when you need to buckle down on an important project? Is it the same for your kids? Do they have trouble getting through a book they’re reading? We’ve all been there.

If you want to raise healthy Brain Warriors, you need to model the right behavior. If your kids see you getting distracted or not following through on things, it makes it more likely they’ll follow suit.

What can you do to flip the script and stay focused? One secret method is to get moving!

Physical Activity for Better Focus

Physical exercise is one of the best ways to boost focus and concentration. Even a short burst of activity can give your brain the jolt it needs to concentrate more effectively. Research shows that it can also help improve your kids’ academic performance.

The Best Type of Exercise for Enhanced Attention

What’s the most effective form of exercise to help you and your kids? Aerobic exercise—the kind that gets your heart pumping fast—is associated with an immediate improvement in focus and attention.

If your concentration is waning at work, go for a power walk outside.

If your kids are losing focus on their homework, let them race around the backyard for a while then go back to hitting the books.

If there’s an aerobic activity you love—whether it’s dancing, hiking, or biking (always with a helmet!)—take your child with you whenever possible. Not only will it help you both in the concentration department, but it will also strengthen your bond. I call that a win-win!

Surprising Benefits of Better Focus

Engaging in intense exercise on a regular basis helps improve your ability—and your kids’ ability—to focus day in and day out. And better focus also comes with a host of unexpected benefits:

  • Staying focused keep stress to a minimum. When your attention is scattered, you tend to feel overwhelmed. Staying on track helps you get a better handle on your projects so they don’t cause so much stress.
  • Focusing makes you feel good about yourself. When you can focus and get things done, you feel more effective, which builds self-confidence.
  • Greater focus helps you go for your goals. When you—and your kids—can focus on what you want in life, it’s much easier to make it happen.

In addition to aerobic exercise, nutritional interventions, such as green tea, choline, and the adaptogens ashwaghanda, rhodiola, and ginger support can improve focus and attention. These are some of the ingredients found in Focus & Energy. Enter the promo code TANA21 to receive 21% off.


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