Dear Tana, On July 27, 2018 I had a wicked fall and sustained a concussion. Living in a rural area with limited medical care I was at first diagnosed at the hospital as having a mental breakdown. Once the concussion was diagnosed I began the long process of getting appropriate care. As the fall was at work my care was more complicated by the tangle of Workman’s Comp. At 62 yo with multiple degrees I often couldn’t talk, my thinking was confused, my temperament a roller coaster, I couldn’t read, forgot how to keep myself clean and suffered from relentless headaches – and had no real care to turn to. Here’s what I had – you and your husband. I had been in your first Brain Warriors class and have read every book of yours and your husband’s. With help I retook the tests in Change Your Brain Change Your life. I developed a daily routine based on the results. I dedicated my diet to the Brain Warriors diet. I watched every episode you, your husband, and you and your husband together did on concussions. It’s 7 months later, I’m just now getting variety of tests, and an initial treatment plan may come together. At my last meeting with the concussion doctor he reminded my husband and I how very hurt I was/am in multiple areas and that it would be at least a year before I felt significantly better. Based on all the damage the testing is now showing, I wonder how much worse I would have been had I not employed your graphic guidance. While I still struggle with reading I can write. My headaches are blistering but can be remedied without medication. Thank you from the bottom of my brain stem for all the work you do.

I built my post concussion list based on your science: 1. No sugar 2. No processed foods 3. Limited dairy – locally made cream, yogurt 4. Created a library of wonderful memories; a special gallery on my phone of favorite pictures that I looked a at after meditating and many times a day (wow could I ever feel the dopamine flood my system) 4. Kill the ants. Concussions lead to depression and anxiety so I needed to stop those negative voices. Used the process in David Burns Feeling Good to keep track. 5. Listened to Baroque music a lot, and after a bit classic jazz. 6. Meditation to bring down headache pain. I don’t have access to EEG so I did Binaural meditation and focused breathing on the damaged part of my brain. Also, Guided meditation to view a positive future…I used yours. The one visualizing a goal and I used my One Page Miracle. 7. Consistant exercise- walking.