Others have sought me out to be their comfort! It feels good to know that others see it, feel it, want it. I continue to become more and more of a sheepdog. It is very interesting when I go to the grocery store. There are whole sections of the store I don’t even go through any more, because they no longer apply to my life. At the checkout stand there is always a variety of junk food there to tempt people on the way out. It’s funny that my eyes see the candy bars, but I am not tempted to eat them, because they register in my head as non-food items. It’s like looking at a candy bar, but it registers in my head is if it were tape or razor blades or something. I am not tempted to on a whim buy tape or razor blades and run home a sneak eat them in the closet. It’s the same way with the checkout stand junk food now. My brain is beginning to see them as non-food items. The candy no longer calls my name! Mr. Snickers and I are officially divorced!!! Yay!!