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Journey back to health

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Brain Warrior Steve - Journey Back To Health - from severe Thyroid issues to 4 mile race.

Another testimonial from a Brain Warrior ...

I just listened to the thyroid episode. My journey back to health took over two years, starting with a GP who told me that losing weight would solve my depression and extreme lack of energy and stamina. Ultimately a cardiologist discovered that I had a goiter squeezing my superior vena cava and other things in my throat and growing into my chest. A great surgeon removed the goiter and put me on T4. I was ultimately referred to an endocrinologist who added 5 ug of T3. He bumped it up to 10 ug which helped me feel a bit better, but I was still low on energy and I was becoming unsteady on my feet with other issues such as brain fog and incontinence which I didn’t know were related. A radiologist reading an MRI found that I had normal pressure hydrocepelus. A shunt was installed in my head and resolved all three symptoms – wet, wobbly and wacky. I ended up with a prescription for 25 ug of T3, which I take 5 ug every 3 hours or so to keep me from having a very specific headache in the right front of my head. Also it took some iron supplements to fix a severe headache that started the day of the shunt installation. This whole journey took over two years to resolve. I have recovered enough that last weekend I did over 4 miles of the Bay to Breakers race.

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