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I just love the transformation

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Another testimonial from a Brain Warrior ...

Eating meals more regularly and including healthy snacks to take with me when I walk out the door for work. Feeling good about being able to pass on to others what I have been privileged to learn in the Brain Warrior class. Thank you ever so much for this opportunity. Each day i just keep feeling better : ), I definitely feel more energized, motivated and keep feeling positive. Staying well hydrated with alkaline drinks. Eating really well with more added good fats. I noticed how the other day a discussion i was in could have turned out with a negative outcome…instead my brain in the moment said “how can i make this a positive win for us both…it was great : ) Generally getting a lot more conscious with how i am thinking and responding. I just love the transformation that is happening in my life, it just keeps reminding me what’s possible. Bless you both for your amazing, commitment to us all. You both truly are making a “world of difference” you are awesome : )

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