In 1984 I weighed 215 pounds. I was in a bad relationship & miserable. Food helped me get through the day. Wow, was I wrong. I went to Illinois Allergy Center & got tested and wow, I was allergic to Wheat, Barley, Rye, tobacco & several other foods. I worked as manager in a Restaurant you could cut smoke with a knife & I was sick every nite I went home. Couldn’t wait to jump in the shower & get the smoke off me and no one smoked in our house. I left Illinois & went to Florida got a job and did exactly what the director at the Allergy Center suggested. I lost 63 pounds in 8 3/4 months got down to 152 where I am now. If you are allergic to wheat or suspect it, get a blood test and it can change your life to lose weight, & be healthier and much happier. I’m now using my new cookbook “the Brain warrior’s way cookbook”. I have a few more hurdles but listening to all of DrAmen & Tana’s tapes I’ll get through it as I’m positive I will. Thank you Tana & DrAmen for trying to make us all healthy.💕💕