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Another testimonial from a Brain Warrior ...

I made Tana’s chips and I had other veggies and thought I’d put on roast 425. Well doesn’t take but 15 min or burn and found probably 350 45 min better. Oh well didn’t copy recipe n thought this would work. Well don’t go sit down. All in all they all turned out except for tray on bottom but after seeing that I turned down oven. I expect high temps ok if on top rack maybe. Oh my goodness these are awesome. I think I might of used too much oil so go by Tana’s exactly and play with from there. The nacho cheese she makes I’ll do later . Love love love that too. All her different ways. I’d like to have a cookbook with all her recipes ; but then again I love she reminds us of some in an email n shares online. I have to just remember little is good. I’ll Texas cooking was always big and once a week fried always.

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