For anyone who may be thinking they can’t afford to eat healthy, the year I started this health journey in 2008 I lost 100 pounds I did it on food stamps. When I cut all the junk out, eating organic was cheaper as long as I shopped at Costco, Grocery outlet or other cheap stores that sell organic. 11 years later I still do it only now I’m cutting out coconut sugar and honey and going with Stevia or erithrytol. This past winter when I was underemployed, even the local salvation army food bank had a lot of organic vegetables, fruit and meat that helped me out. If you tell a food bank you are on a special diet like no gluten or dairy, they will often times try to work with that. I survived that underemployed time on food bank and grocery outlet and still are organic. A healthy diet is doable at any budget. Just have to get creative.