Eat Your Veggies For A Longer Life


Not only can the vegetables and fruits in your diet keep you healthy, a study from Europe shows that they can actually lengthen your life. Seriously, a team of European researchers mined data on more than 451,151 people they had been tracking for more than 13 years in 10 European countries. During that time, nearly […]

Why Don’t Kids Like Green Food?

There is a biological reason that you may end up locked in a battle of the wills when you ask your child to eat green food! Have you noticed that your kids don’t hate all vegetables and general nutrition? Usually it’s the really green, bitter ones like spinach, kale, and sometimes broccoli (unless we camouflage […]

Positively Sweet Potatoes

Can you name the most popular vegetable in the United States? OK, the title of this blog gives away the answer. Americans LOVE potatoes – French fries, mashed (with or without gravy), slivered into chips, baked and served with gobs of butter or sour cream or both, au gratin . The potato people are very […]