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Omni Strong in October: 6 Fitness Tools You Must Have

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Football season is upon us and you know what that means? Getting ready for your spouse to ignore you like him noticing those new earrings you bought. Besides that, this also signals the return of Monday Night Football (MNF). So you know while MNF is on, he will want some game-time munchies. But this doesn’t mean you have to feed him buttery popcorn, beer and salty pretzels. You might as … Continue reading “Omni Up Your Partner’s Monday Night Football Foods”

The Brain Warrior Diet Goes on the Road


Being on the Omni Diet doesn’t mean you have to eat at home for the rest of your life (although I hope you’ll give fast food restaurants a permanent pass). But it does mean becoming more thoughtful about where you eat and what you order. The more comfortable you become with the diet, the easier it will be to communicate your needs and ask for — yes! — some special … Continue reading “Eating Out the Omni Way”

Holiday Challenge: Can You Have an Omni Holiday?


By now many of you understand that eating 70/30, or 70% plant based foods and 30% high quality protein is the cornerstone of The Omni Diet. But some of you may still need an introduction to the 90/10 rule, which is introduced in phase 3. Many people get anxiety when they initially think they will never ever taste another bite of grandma Rosa’s home made pasta. Let’s face it, that’s … Continue reading “Eat 70/30 for 90/10: The Omni Golden Rule”

Join the OMNI Health Revolution!


Tana Amen, creator of the Omni Diet, explains the 70 percent plant and 30 percent animal protein-based plan that she says can help you lose weight, reverse disease, and change your life, and TODAY nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom gives her take on the diet.